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Hudson School Board, 2017.11.14, beginning 1:35:36 Curriculum Update Build Your Own Curriculum


Hudson, Wisconsin, Library

Board of Trustees,  December 19, 2019

Our mission is to educate, engage, and mobilize citizens of the St. Croix Valley (Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota) through grassroots efforts to affect the security, economic stability, and preservation of the

Constitutional republic form of government. ​​

"Why don't Muslims engage in science?" Belgian Top Intellectual gives the answer!

Tucker Carlson interviews

Senator Cotton regarding

IRS audit

of the SPLC

St. Cloud, Minnesota, Refugee Archive

Hudson, Wisconsin, Library

Board of Trustees,  November 19, 2019

We exist to educate.  Join us in helping our community scale the Truth Wall.  Click here for a real-time example of how Those who do not learn from history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them.  Hudson Star Observer Letters to the Editor  Note how the government school system controls what your children think.  One teacher acknowledged he didn't attend the Usama Dakdok meeting yet was highly critical.  For proof of how socialism has infiltrated our communities, please click here for a recent column in the Hudson Star Observer.  ​​

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