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We focus on three main issues:  St. Croix County (Wisconsin) Board, Refugee Resettlement and Mass Transit.  While those issues seem local, the tentacles of those issues reach internationally.

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March 12, City of Hudson Common Council meeting (click here for the video).  Beginning at 8:35-17:00 (citizens comments); and 37:07-56:20.  Randy Morrissette starts at 37:07; Devin Willi starts at 48:00-56:20, plus citizen comments.

​The Council voted to postpone voting on whether to join the American City County Exchange (ACCE) so they may further review the organizational information.  Please view the video and listen to Randy Morrissette's opinion regarding the National League of Cities and the actions of the Council.

​​At about 10:30 p.m., February 26, with many Constitution supporters still present, the majority of the Hudson Common Council voted to fund a one-year membership (to start) for the National League of Cities, an overtly partisan organization that has top priorities to usurp your Constitutional rights.  The vociferous claims that the NLC is non-partisan were laughingly set aside when the overtly partisan (majority) members of the Council placed their votes.  While you were sleeping, $1,500 of your hard-earned money was taken from your pocket and put into a partisan organization.

Hudson, you were warned.  And you slept.

Watch the video beginning at Hour 3:00:45 and don't stop watching until the end of public comments to witness the demeanor of those promoting this organization.

"...As the incumbent, Freeman-Wilson ran for Indiana Attorney General in 2000 but lost to Republican Steve Carter. State auditors later found that the former Attorney General Freeman-Wilson issued more than $700,000 in grants without approval from the Governor and various agencies during her eleven months in office. The Indiana State Board of Accounts discovered this when it filed the annual audit of this office in 2001. The State Board found that Freeman-Wilson issued grants from the $1.39 million payment Indiana received for work on the national tobacco settlement. A $500,000 grant to the Indiana Minority Health Coalition was also issued without approval from the Governor and agencies under his control. Freeman-Wilson acknowledged, "mistakes were made." She stated to the Indianapolis Star, "I'm not going to criticize Mr. Carter and I don't think he should criticize me." Attorney General Carter responded, "We can only clean up the office from this point forward."[4][5]

True or False?

It appears some are threatened by our mission to educate as evidenced in a recent letter to the editor in the Hudson Star Observer.  We correct those statements below.

False #1:  "...Through research I’ve discovered that Citizens For the St. Croix Valley have been endorsing and supporting candidates to gain representation on every council and board in our county. ..." 

Truth #1:  CFSCV does NOT endorse candidates.  We educate.

False #2:   "...They were behind a fundraising event for two candidates not too long ago at Big Guy’s BBQ. ..."  

Truth #2:  CFSCV did not host a fundraising event for two candidates.  CFSCV is NOT a PAC!

False #3:  "...They’ve written and electronically sent a survey to every candidate running for St. Croix County Board of Supervisors that addresses questions of special interest to their constituents. ..." 

Truth #3:  CFSCV is not a special interest group.  It is the community wanting to know the candidates.  Citizens have a right to be informed as to how their representative or candidate stands on the Constitution ​and issues that affect their pocketbook.  All the candidates were given the opportunity to respond to a survey with no discrimination based on political party, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  Every candidate running for the St. Croix County Board received a request to complete the survey pertaining to Constitutional questions.  Why is this important?  Because every St. Croix County Board Supervisor takes an oath of office.

False #4:  "...They’ve posted these responses and promote voting for candidates who are aligned with their prejudicial philosophies. ..." 

Truth #4:  It is no more prejudicial to promote conservative values and try to protect the Constitution of the United States  by asking candidates their views than it is for others to promote big spending and socialist values.

False #5:  "...They’ve disseminated false information about people in our community wanting sanctuary status and support a candidate whose campaign is running on this lie. ..." 

Truth #5:  The video of the St. Croix County Board meeting is quite clear.  Watch it!  January 3, 2017, Beginning at Hour 1:00:30.   Here are unofficial, partial transcripts of two meetings addressing the sanctuary county issue.

​Truth #6:   "...They’ve made a major commitment to the upcoming election on their website and are clear about wanting their voice to infiltrate our local government. ..."

​Truth #6:  Yes!  We agree!  As per our mission:  Our mission is to educate, engage and mobilize Citizens of the St. Croix Valley (Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota) through grassroots efforts to affect the security, economic stability, and preservation of the Constitutional Republic form of government.  A Voice for the Silent Majority.

It appears the word Constitution triggers individuals who long for a socialistic form of government where freedom of assembly is not a right.  There's plenty of history showing that the formation of our government has worked out very well.  Do you think they have a true tally of the millions of corpses left to rot as a result of socialist/communist/Marxist forms of governments? 

This is the oath of office every St. Croix County Board Supervisor takes upon election:  "I, (name), having been elected to the office of County Supervisor District (number) swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the State of Wisconsin, and will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of said office to the best of my ability.  So help me God."  The  word Constitution is in the oath of office AND the word "GOD."  HE is in the oath, also.  

​False #7:  "...I believe that CFTSCV wants their agenda to have direct political representation throughout St. Croix County. Please do your own research and not let bigotry win. ..." 

We're confused about the bigotry label.  Does the writer have proof of that claim?  Are we to believe that the writer doesn't want to influence their candidates/representatives for their own issues?  All citizens have that right.  And we choose to educate citizens about the issues that affect the security, economic stability, and preservation of the Constitutional Republic form of government.  We ARE a voice for the silent majority.