John Kraft for St. Croix County Supervisor, District 15  St. Croix County Board

The County Transit Subcommittee has published a proposal for a County bus system to move people between the more populated municipalities, and the Twin Cities. The problem with the proposal is that taxpayers will be expected to pay for more than 90% of the costs... forever.

The plan would create more bureaucracy through a Transit Commission to manage the operation, require bus depot facilities to be created. Estimated costs presented in the plan are deceiving, and unrealistic.

The County does need more transportation options, but they should not come at permanent taxpayer expense.

St. Croix County Board of
Supervisors December 5 meeting--Citizen's Comments begin at 4:30

St. Croix County, Wisconsin, is proposing mass transit that would be a majority taxpayer burden.  Please e-mail/call your St. Croix County Board representative to tell them taxpayers in St. Croix County are taxed too much already.