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(All Letters to the Editor are to the Hudson Star Observer, Hudson, Wisconsin, unless noted differently. The list below is just a sample of the letters to the editor available online.

2018.1.4 Click here for Dr. Brux column "Refugees, immigrants, DACA and racism"; Hudson Star Observer​  pledge of journalistic ethics

2017.12.28 Click here and here for letters to the editor.  Viewpoint:  What is  Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), and how is it impacting our community?--RoxAnn Klugman; (Of confident Christians--Tony Bol; A holiday treat just for me--Eden Penn)

2017.12.21 Click here and here for letters to the editor.  Viewpoint:  (Oh, the space weather outside is frightful--Bill Leber; Hoping for a taxpayer revolt--Darla Meyers)

2017.12.14  Click here and here for letters to the editor.  Click here for Bruch column.

2017.12.7 Click here, here and here for letters to the editor and Opinion (Choose the minority--Glenn Melcein; The truth about corporate income taxes--RoxAnn Klugman; A systemic problem exists--Eden Penn;  A negative stronghold on Hudson--Tony Bol; Comparison are amazing things--Meredith Berg)

2017.11.29 Click here and here for letters to the editor (Hellbent on embracing tolerance, diversity--Pat Sabin; Fear drives some--Eden Penn; What does the Qur'an really say?--Darla Meyers; The Truth about Thanksgiving--Meredith Berg; , Viewpoint and Tuberculosis strain hits St. Croix County).  Click here for "Use of Data" article.

2017.11.22 Click here and here for letters to the editor (Current tax bill--Deborah Monicken; Inclusion resolution support--LaVonne McCombie; Care out loud--Tony Bol; Those who seek to destroy our way of life--Eden Penn; Hate into our valley--Kerry Geurkink; Not the place for insults--David Hammond)

2017.11.15 Click here and here for letters to the editor (Three cheers for three religions--Tony Bol; The Truth About Estate Taxes--RoxAnn Klugman; Little Benefit to Estate Taxes--Dan Schulke)  Viewpoint (Facts or emotions?--Darla Meyers

2017.11.9 Click here (Viewpoint--Eden Penn); Click here and here Letters to the editor (A comment on a 'View from an economist'--Larry Donna; Tax cut and jobs act--Roy Sjoberg)

2017.11.5 Click here (Dan Bushman--Hudson Must Do Better; Mike Yell--Concept of Distinction; Eden Penn--Inclusion Resolution for All; RoxAnn Klugman--Tax cuts increase prosperity and revenue for government; William Leber--A rebuttal of Dr. Brux tax cut column)  Click here for "You're Fired--Bob Boesel.

2017.10.29 Click here (Jason Rae--To Hudson City Council; Darla Meyers--Protesting Too much; Eden Penn--I think we can call it fear; Kerry Geurkink--Vote 'yes' for inclusion; Dianne Joachim--Citizens is not a hate group; Jim Coach--There is another side to 'the other side')

2017.10.23 Click here (Meredith Berg--There's another side; Joan Bruski--Regarding last week's letter)

2017.10.16 Click here (Elisabeth Nelson--Venezuela is a failed state because of socialism); (Meg Heaton--Readers beware: fact or fiction); (Tony Bol--How afraid are we?)

2017.10.8 Click here (Darla Meyers--Adult Bullying Tactics)

2017.10.1 Click here (Celeste Koeberl--Common Decency); (Tony Bol--Congratulations River Falls); (Pat Swanson--Apology to Mayor)

2017.9.22 Click here (Pat Swanson--Hudson Mayor calls for Inclusion Resolution--note Swanson's apology to Mayor 2017.10.1)

2017.9.17 Click here (Darla Meyers--Hypocrisy of their words)

2017.9.4 Click here (John Ramstad--All must share in the bounty); (Pat Sabin--Demonizing good people)

2017.8.27 Click here  (Darla Meyers--Really is the Exclusion Resolution)

2017.8.21 Click here (Tony Bol--Read proposed inclusion resolution)

2017.7.30 Click here (Jack and Julie Kenefick--Discover real immigration stories); (Tony Bol--Actively welcome diversity)

2017.7.26 Click here (Tony Mata--Immigrants valuable to economy)

2017.6.21 Click here (Meredith Berg--How many lost to abortion?)

2017.6.14 Click here (Gerard Weingartner--'Livable wage' proposal comments); (Meredith Berg--Is there something we should know?) (Lee Brown--County raising taxes)

2017.5.19 Click here (Deborah Monicken--Rainbow flags)

2017.5.3 Click here (Pat Sabin--Agenda 21 wants your kids); (Ron Watts--Hate the flag, not the people)

2017.3.8 Click here (Gerry Lancette--Response to sanctuary)

2017.3.1 Click here  (Pat Sabin--Affordable care?); (Darla Meyers--A Grave Difference)

2017.2.22 Click here (Gerry Lancette--Sanctuary defined); (Thomas Wulf--The real threat)

2017.2.15 Click here (Roy Sjoberg--Hudsonites, who are we?); (Marybeth Lorbiecki Mataya--Tale of two notes); (Jacqueline Niccum--Care with the 'Obama' in it)

2017.2.8 Click here(Phyllis Goldin--Sad day)

2017.1.25 Click here (Dianne Joachim--Are Christian churches bowing to Islam?); (Sere Leber--Concerned citizen of SCC)

2017.1.18 Click here  (Darla Meyers--Should we welcome all?)

2017.12.21 Click here  (Kathy Coulter--Resettlement questions)

2017.12.14 Click here (Darla Meyers--Need more information on refugees); (Meredith Berg--Religion benefits economy;) (Pat Sabin--Think again on refugees); (Sarah Yacoub--Walking the Walk)

2017.12.7 Click here   (Skip James--Let's be neighborly); (Paul Deziel--We stand with love)

2017.11.20 Click here (Kathy Colony--Why can't we do both?); (Pastor John and Janet Lestock--Share the blessings); (Katy and Graeme Bloor--Time to come together)