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Pastor Shahram Hadian

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A Voice for the Silent Majority

Hudson School Board, 2017.11.14, beginning 1:35:36 Curriculum Update Build Your Own Curriculum

Our mission is to educate, engage, and mobilize citizens of the St. Croix Valley (Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota) through grassroots efforts to affect the security, economic stability, and preservation of the constitutional republic form of government. ​​

St. Cloud Refugee Resettlement information

Vote AGAINST increasing taxes in 

St. Croix County April 3

  • Budget:  34% increase since 2014
  • Taxes:  19% increase since 2014
  • Borrowing: $65 MILLION since 2014
  • Highway building: $38 MILLION with NO Referendum
  • Transit Commission: 90% Taxpayer Subsidy
  • Bike Path: $33 MILLION for "skinny" plan--Projected $104+ MILLION
  • Sanctuary County: Suggested by Roy Sjoberg 1/3/2017
  • "Living" wage imposition on County vendors: Roy Sjoberg 1/3/2017